31: Kay Wyma | Part 1: Ending Entitlement

It’s Season 2!!! & we’re kicking it off right with our good friend, Kay Wyma. If you don’t know Kay, you're going to fall in love with her today. Kay’s a best selling author, blogger and mother of five. Kay is on a mission to tackle huge issues in our society like youth entitlement, comparison-pressures and is now taking a stand against the stress & anxiety that comes from being overwhelmed in her newest book Not the Boss of Us: Putting Overwhelmed in its Place in a Do-All, Be-All World.
Kay has appeared on The TODAY Show, CNN, The New York Times, USA Today, Focus on the Family, NPR and more. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, she held positions at the White House, the Staubach Company, and Bank of America.

We had such a blast chatting with Kay. As you will soon discover, she’s one of us y’all : ready and willing to skip the chit chat and dive right into the good stuff. We covered so much good stuff, in fact, that we had to make this conversation a two parter. In this episode, Kay shares with us her journey of stumbling into her calling as an “accidental writer”, the powerful truths she’s learned along the way, and the message that launched her into writing: ending entitlement both in our kids and in ourselves. We were so inspired by our conversation with Kay. We know you will be too.

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