Tom Nelson | What’s Your Calling?

We hope you're all enjoying a wonderful summer break, full of laughter and rest and memory making with those you love most! Those are definitely some of our biggest goals this summer as well, which is why for the month of July we’re throwing it back each week to some of our very favorite episodes from Season 1!

This week we’re revisiting the wonderful conversation we had with the man, the myth, the legend . . . Pastor Tommy Nelson. He’s a former D1 Football Player who in his 60’s can still bench 300 & run 3 miles. He’s been the pastor of Denton Bible Church for decades, he’s one of the greatest Bible teachers of our time, hands down. He’s known most for his incredible teaching on sex, marriage, and dating through the Song of Solomon, and he’s also known for just cutting the fluff and shooting straight!

Without a doubt you will be so challenged and blessed by the wisdom and journey of Pastor Tommy Nelson. Enjoy!

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