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109. Cindy Beall | The Rhythm of Redemption

Welcome back! Happy 2022 friends! We hope your new year is off to great start and filled with as many surprise snow days as ours! Which has been tons of fun, but also the reason it’s taken a little longer than we planned to jump back into the podcast. We’ve been having lots of fun playing in the snow with our kiddoes, but are definitely grateful to send them back to school today and be back with you all!

So, something fun coming up : We hope you’ll grab a book, grab your spouse and some friends & join us for a podcast series that will start the first week of February! We’ll be unpacking the 5 rhythms of thriving marriages from our book! It will be a great way to put into practice these 5 powerful habits! So we hope you’ll join us for that!

But today we’re thrilled to welcome our good friend and Best Selling author, Cindy Beall to the show! Cindy and her husband Chris have one of the most incredible redemption stories of how God really rescued their marriage and used what the enemy meant for evil and brought them out stronger on the other side. Cindy shares openly about Chris’ infidelity and pornography addiction that nearly destroyed their marriage and ministry back in 2002.
We had the tremendous blessing of working with the Bealls for many years on the team at Life Church and were so inspired by the incredible couple they are and the amazing story they have. We can’t wait for you to hear it today. Buckle up, its a good one. Here’s Cindy!

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108. Gary Thomas | Pursue Healthy Intimacy

Welcome to The Rhythm of Us Podcast. We’re your hosts, Chris & Jenni Graebe.

This year, we’ve released a book we’ve been pouring our hearts & souls into for quite some time, called the Rhythm of Us and it is available now wherever books are sold!

Throughout this season, we’ll be exploring the five rhythms from our book as well as sitting with and learning from wise leaders, mentors, and friends in our life about the intentional rhythms that can lead us closer to God & closer to each other.

Happy December, friends! The book has officially launched and we could not be more grateful for your continuous love & support. You guys BOUGHT OUT Amazon! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What a wild ride, were so grateful for each one of you! Excited to say Amazon is restocked and the book is available now to order!

We hope you will grab a book, grab your spouse and some friends to join us in January for a series unpacking each chapter of the book. It will be a great way to dive into the five rhythms if you’re looking to go deeper. So we hope you’ll join us for that!

We have just a few more episodes this season before the year ends and we’re so excited to share these conversations with you. This week we’re talking with best selling author, pastor and professor Gary Thomas. Gary has written over 20 books including Sacred Marriage, Sacred Parenting and his latest project that we are chatting about today, Married Sex. Yep, we said sex. This is actually our very 1st episode on this subject, so everyone keep your big girl pants on, and let’s do this.

Gary reminds us all that a great sex life is not something you simply find, it’s something you intentionally create. If you’re feeling confused or frustrated about your sex life, or simply wonder, Is there more to it than this, you will love what Gary has to share with us today. We hope and pray this conversation will help make your marriage stronger, in and out of the bedroom.

Listen in.

107. The Rhythm of Us

It’s HERE!!!! The Rhythm of Us releases today!!

For the last 3 years now, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes on this project we’re so excited to finally share with you! THE RHYTHM OF US is now available

Wether we realize it or not, we ALL have a “rhythm of us” : the rhythms we choose to fill our lives with. The question is, do we like where our rhythm is taking us? Do we like the couple it’s shaping us to become?

We hope you’ll grab a copy of The Rhythm of Us and join us on this journey, as we learn together the rhythms of a thriving marriage!

Thank you all for your continuous love and support along  the way!  We pray this project will be a blessing to you & your families as you pursue God together!


106. Tricia Lott Williford | Falling in Love with Scripture

It’s always a good day when we get to spend time with our friend, Tricia Lott Williford.  Tricia is one of our favorite writers/story tellers and we’re so grateful to welcome her back on the show today to chat about a practice that has changed her life!

Tricia shares how she made her way back to the pages of scripture after the sudden, devastating loss of her husband just two days before Christmas.  Tricia unpacks what the Bible has to say about who we are, where we find ourselves, and the faithful God who can always be found in the midst of it. 

We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did! 

Listen in. 

PS – Make sure to check out Tricia’s new book: This Book is For You. Such an incredible project! 


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105. Christy Wright | Take Back Your Time

Today, we’re chatting with Christy Wright, #1 bestselling author, personal growth expert, and host of The Christy Wright Show.  We talk with Christy about how to identify what balance looks like in each season, find peace even during chaotic times, and how to be present for your life and actually enjoy it!  

We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did! 

Listen in. 

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103: Jamie Ivey | Knowing Your Worth

Today, we’re chatting with best selling author and host of The Happy Hour Podcast, Jamie Ivey about how to fight back against insecurity, grow in confidence, and rest in exactly who God’s made us to be.  Jamie shares with us intentional ways to build courage and self worth in our kids and the rhythms that have led Jamie and her family to live from this place of confidence and security in Christ. 

We hope you’ll enjoy this conversation as much a we did! Pull up a chair and join us! 


Make sure to check out Jamie’s new children’s book, God Made You to be You.

You can find all the resources and links mentioned in today’s episode over at our website,  

We hope you’ll check those out as well as our new book The Rhythm of Us, which is available for pre order now, wherever you like to get your books! 

Thanks again for joining us, friends! Until Next Time! 

102: Sandra McCracken | Send Out Your Light

Today, we’re kicking off this brand new season with a rich conversation with our new friend, Sandra McCracken. Sandra is a beloved singer/songwriter here in the Nashville area, she’s released 14 solo albums over the last 20 years, and if you’re new to Sandra’s music, well, you’re welcome! Go check it out, it’s absolutely beautiful!

We’re talking with Sandra today about her amazing new book, Send Out Your Light, which we could not recommend more! Sandra shares the lessons she’s learned by following the Lord’s light through the darkest of times, and out again into His light.

We hope you’ll enjoy this conversation as much a we did!

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101. Kay Wyma | The Peace Project

On today’s episode, we’re so thrilled to welcome back to the show our sweet Texas friend, mother of five, and best selling author, Kay Wyma.

I can’t think of a better way to kick off our summer than to practice what Kay calls a Soul 30, which is a daily dose of thankfulness, kindness, and mercy. We chat with Kay about her own personal experience through 30 days of practicing thankfulness, kindest, and mercy….. the challenges she faced, powerful lessons learned along the way, and the unexpected peace that resulted from continually living from this posture.

Pull up a chair and join us, this is a great one! Listen in.


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100: A Big Announcement!

For our 100th episode we’re celebrating with some pretty exciting news!!!

It’s with great joy we share with you something we’ve been pouring our hearts and souls into for quite some time now!✨

Chris and I are thrilled to announce, we have partnered with our good friends at NavPress and Tyndale House to release a series of books on marriage and family! The first book, The Rhythm of Us releases into the world November 9, 2021! 🎉



We’re excited to share more with you in the coming months, and are happy to say:

The Rhythm of Us is now available for pre-order at your favorite retailer! 👏🏻

Make sure to save your order number and claim your pre-order freebies releasing next month!  Check out all the details at



This book is 💯 the Lord’s. From start to finish. What a gift, to make much of Jesus, and his incredible, timeless rhythms for a thriving marriage! We’re so honored to share this beautiful message with you that is straight from Him! We pray it will be a blessing to you and your family! ✨

We’ll be sharing much more in the months to come, but for now, pre-order a copy or two or three, and sign up for more details to come at

99: Crystal Paine | Love Centered Parenting

On today’s episode, we’re talking with New York Times bestselling author, Crystal Paine, founder of and host of The Crystal Paine Show podcast.

As a mom of four, Crystal shares her struggle with anxiety over parenting, navigating her child’s struggle with suicide, and how she learned a better way forward. Crystal shares the four tools she discovered to parent from a place of love and wholeness rather that a place of striving for success.

Pull up a chair and join us, this is a great one! Listen in.


Links Mentioned:

Crystal’s Website

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Crystal’s New Book: Love Centered Parenting


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