32: Kay Wyma | Part 2: Overcoming Overwhelm

This is Part 2 of our wonderful conversation with our good friend, Kay Wyma.

Make sure to check out Part 1: Accidental Callings & Ending Entitlement

Kay has appeared on The TODAY Show, CNN, The New York Times, USA Today, Focus on the Family, NPR and more. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, she held positions at the White House, the Staubach Company, and Bank of America.

In this episode, Kay shares the heartbreaking story that motivated her to write her newest book: Not the Boss of Us: Putting Overwhelmed in its Place in a Do-All, Be-All World. We talk about replacing the pressures of this world that overwhelm us with the truth that sets us free. Man, we needed this one. Praying it hits home with you too. Enjoy.

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