72: John Eldredge | Get Your Life Back

A few years ago, a friend of ours found himself in a season where he started to notice something wasn’t quite right with his soul. Overwhelmed, empty, and depleted, he decided to do something about it. Today he shares with us, the practices he learned to get his soul, and his life back.

On today’s episode we’re very thrilled to welcome back to the show, for the third time, our good friend, the one and only Mr. John Eldredge! If you’re not familiar with John, he’s the founder of Ransomed Heart Ministries in Colorado Springs, well known Christian Speaker, and best selling author of books such as Wild at Heart, Waking the Dead, and his latest book, Get Your Life Back. Conversations with John are always so rich, full of wisdom, and leave us longing or more of God, and today is no exception.

John unpacks the power of simple practices such as getting outside, seeking beauty in our everyday lives, taking a daily one minute pause, and remembering who we love. This conversation is one to listen to again and again. May these practices help us create more space in our souls for more of life and more of God. Listen in.



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A few favorite quotes from today’s episode:

“If you can get into nature as a soulful practice, it is enormously healing.”

“Your soul is wonderfully small, and to be kind is to admit the limits of the capacity of your soul.”

“Your soul is the vessel that God fills. Your soul is the means by which you experience God, and when your soul is baked like a desert, you can’t receive the water He’s trying to bring.”

“There were things that you used to do that brought you life. . . go do them again. Make room for them, make them a priority again. Go get them back!”

“More of life is more of God.”

“God is in the things that you love.”

“We must empty ourselves of all that currently fills us so that we can be filled with God.” St. Augustine


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Casey Darnell, Moments

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