69: Aundi Kolber | Try Softer

So good to be back with you all! We hope you had a wonderful Holiday season with your families and that 2020 is off to a great start for you!  Chances are, you probably already have your goals set for the year and maybe you’re off and running with them.  Maybe you’ve picked a word for the year, and you’re leaning into it with all you’ve got.  Or maybe you’ve already given up on waking up early or going to the gym or staying off your screen.  But wherever this finds you on day 14 of the brand new year, we hope this episode will be a breath of fresh air and that it will encourage you to let go of the “try harder” mindset, striving for perfection and success and instead embrace a more gentle, kinder mindset.

Today were chatting with author and therapist, Aundi Kolber as she shares with us how to “try softer.” Aundi unpacks why it’s important to slow down long enough to listen to what our bodies and our emotions are trying to tell us, and how to stop ignoring our feelings and instead, start understanding and processing emotions in healthy ways.

This conversation was so rich and so helpful, and we hope you’ll be encouraged as you listen in.



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Casey Darnell, Moments

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