28: Katie Norris | Founder of Fotolanthropy

On today’s episode we have the honor of chatting with Katie Norris, founder & CEO of Fotolanthropy, a non profit film company that celebrates stories of hope and people who have defied great odds.Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, CNN, and Fox News. Katie shares the story and heart behind this dream and call of God on her life that began just seven years ago and the journey of bringing that dream to life, inspiring and impacting millions along the way. Katie wins the award for making us cry a record amount of times in a podcast conversation. As you will soon hear, Katie has a remarkable gift of storytelling, and specifically sharing stories that deserve to be told. After hearing Katie’s story, you will be incredibly moved and inspired to bring your own dream to life and use the gifts God has given you to be a force for good in the community around you. Get your kleenexes ready, it’s a good one.

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