60: Stephen Kendrick | Know What Defines You

Well, after a much needed refreshing summer break we could not be more thrilled to be back with you guys for Season 3! Wherever this finds you, driving to work, dropping kids off at school, working out at the gym, were so glad you're here with us and we pray this conversation will be a blessing to you.


We have so many incredible episodes coming up for you guys this season, and we’re kicking it off strong today with author, speaker, and Filmaker, Stephen Kendrick of the Kendrick Brothers to talk about the issue of Identity, which is the theme of their newest movie hitting theaters THIS WEEK called Overcomer. Y'all. You are going to LOVE this movie. We've seen them all, War Room, Courageous, Fireproof. THIS one takes the cake. We were laughing, crying, and so inspired!  You're just gonna love it!


Stephen shares the story behind the film, how God led he and his brother Alex into filmaking in the first place, the power of prayer behind everything they do, and all about the movie’s theme of finding our identity in Christ.

Listen in.



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